Introducing Qualia

About Qualia

Qualia is a ground-breaking digital technology and research project, which aims to revolutionize the way audience experiences at arts and culture events are evaluated. Incorporating mobile phone apps, information pods and online analytical tools Qualia can significantly enhance your audience evaluation techniques and improve engagement.

Who needs it?

Take a journey through the Qualia system to diagnose your needs. Whether you run a festival, manage a museum or curate a gallery, Qualia’s open digital tools offer a sustainable model for capturing audience feedback and improving participation and engagement.

Qualia has been made available to the cultural sector through the GitHub hosting service and will be continued to developed and tailored in response to the communities needs.

Web Engine

The Qualia Web Engine provides a secure environment for capturing and processing audience data. With the addition of the Qualia mobile phone app. Social networking analysis and other hardware and software installations the Web Engine can provide real time feed back on your audiences experience.


The Qualia App is available for Android and iOS mobile phone users and allows visitors to schedule events and give feedback through tailored questions. Combined with additional Qualia audience tracing hardware and software Qualia tools can help map your venue and generate a real-time picture of the ‘mood’ of your audience.


The Qualia development team recognise that Open Source software can be a little tricky to install and support. We offer a range of services to help organisation tailor Qualia to meet their individual needs. Standard services for the culture sector non-profit organisations can be tailored and scaled for commercial organisations.