The Qualia Web Engine is a sophisticated platform with an open API that can plug into a range of platforms, such as social media (Facebook and Twitter), ticketing (Eventbrite and Tessitura), geolocation (Google Maps). It can also scrape data from existing websites for easy access to scheduling data. The web engine provides:

  • Individual tailoring for arts organisations
  • Storage of all Qualia data
  • Real-time data processing
  • Analytics
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis


The Qualia App for Android and iOS smart phones allows your audience to act as human sensors, feeding back real-time responses to your events and mapping the audience movement through your venue. The app provides:

  • Personalised event scheduling
  • Pre and post event feedback
  • Mood reporting
  • Social media feeds and individual posting
  • User demographics
  • Shared GPS mapping


Qualia also provides kiosk style ‘probe’ options. This touch screen facility includes:

  • larger screen presentation of schedules and events.
  • audience feedback through onscreen questionnaires.
  • audio monitoring around the probes.
  • Smile recognition software for capturing audience mood.
  • QR code and NFC ticket registration and tracking

Developed using Chrome apps Qualia Probes are highly adaptable and portable browser based additions which can be incorporated into tablets and desktop computers.